Private Lessons


As with any new activity, the first few weeks can be seriously exciting, but also quite challenging.

There’s a lot of new information that will be filling your head, such as new steps, techniques, and style, not to mention a new way of hearing music. All this info can seem overwhelming, but with the one-on-one (or two) instruction that you receive through private lessons, you’ll gradually be exposed to concepts at a pace that keeps you challenged as well as sane! 🙂 Hands on attention will quickly remedy any problems before frustration butts in, putting you back on the right track.

Private lessons will be geared towards your personal dance goals, whether your reasons for taking up dance fall under the ‘Health/Exercise’ category, the ‘Fun and Social’ category, the ‘Serious Event Coming Up Super Quick’ category, or the ‘Performer/Competitor’ category. (Don’t worry if this isn’t you, there are lots of reasons to learn to dance!) That said, packages will be tailored accordingly, goals set, and challenges issued!

Your first few weeks of dance will fly by! At the beginning of your dance experience, you can expect to find a learning pattern, be introduced to a whole bunch of dances and begin to select the ones that appeal to you, whether that’s through music preference,  style or natural talent. You’ll start to relate your frame to your partners ability to follow and you’ll begin to move around the floor. As you narrow down your dance choices, we’ll plan an intermediate program, setting new goals to be achieved, and steps/techniques and style that need to be introduced and attained!

Like with any other new activity, whether physical or mental, it is more beneficial to keep your lessons closer together: Taking your lessons on a regular basis will allow you to quickly build up muscle memory, and keeping them close together will minimize the repetition, as there will be less time to forget!  For beginners, I recommend two to three lessons a week… As you begin to progress and retain more information, frequency can be altered and Group classes can be used to supplement.

Introductory Class – 50 minutes for $90

This class will be 50 minutes long and is designed for students who would like to try out a class and see if they enjoy working with me. We’ll take time to get to know each other, see if our personalities are compatible and if you enjoy yourselves! As well as this, you’ll learn the elements of dance and I’ll introduce the basics of a few different dances.  This time also gives me a chance to see how quickly you work and assess your abilities so that I can properly recommend one of the two beginner package options. After the lesson we’ll discuss which package works best for you!

Beginner’s Package 1 – 4 Classes (50 minutes/class): $380 ($95/class)

This package gives you four private lessons during which you will be introduced to the basics of the eight major dances. (This package is for quick learners who are eager to practice and move up as quickly as they can… the time allotted in the four lessons is enough to move you towards the next stage, but not enough to perfect the basics.)


Beginner’s Package 2 – 7 Classes (50 minutes/class): $630 ($90/class)
This package will give you 7 private lessons in which to become familiar and comfortable with the basics of the eight major dances. Also, if time allows, this will introduce some of the more elaborate steps from the intermediate level, including more insight into leading and following. (This package is recommended if you know that your time is limited and you wish to focus on the basics, and become more comfortable with them, or, alternatively, if you know that it takes longer to process information and you don’t anticipate having much practice time…)

Intermediate and Advanced:

At this level, we sit down and figure out the next step… The number of lessons required for the intermediate and advanced levels depend entirely on how quickly you absorb and retain, on how many dances you wish to focus on, and on what your goals are. Once we’ve figured this out, we’ll come up with a plan and lessons can be purchased in full, or in bundles.

To give you a rough idea:

a single class = $110
a 5 pack of classes = $500 ($100/Class)
a 10 pack of classes = $950 ($95/class)


PUZJ6946These Lessons are custom tailored to your specific goals and needs. Whether it your first foray into Yoga and you’d just like to make sure your alignment is correct and that your familiar with the poses, or if you have a particular injury you’re recovering from, or fear that you’d like to overcome, Private Lessons will help you move forward at a good pace.

We will discuss your wants and needs and customize a package solely for you.

Pricing for Private Yoga classes are as follows

a single class = $100
a 5 pack of classes = $475 ($95/Class)
a 10 pack of classes = $900 ($90/class)

If you have any questions about Private lessons or Pricing, please feel free to contact me

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