About Me

Hello! My name is Nicole, and I am a Ballroom and Latin Dance and Yoga Instructor here in Houston!

My life has been one long, fabulous adventure, and one of the most exciting stops along the way was the discovery of my one true passion… Teaching.  There are a number of very good teachers in this area, and choosing the correct teacher for you comes down to personality.  Below is a little bit of personal history, a window into Who I am, What I do, and Why I do it!

Born in England and raised in Texas, I went through many a career choice before discovering dance and yoga.  Originally an actor, and then an ESL instructor, I began my life with Ballroom and Latin Dance in 2006. One bright morning in June, I walked into a top end dance studio and was offered a job on the spot. The next two years were a whirlwind of fabulous dance training, brilliant students, great dance parties, events and practice, practice, practice!  Being a natural nomad, when it finally came time for me to leave I realized that not only had I fallen in love with Ballroom and Latin Dance, but I had also found my passion, my calling and my future! To Teach!  I left the dance field in order to travel, and whilst I was preparing to leave, I fell into Yoga!

My travels took me next to Kenya and there saw me managing a bar, singing Jazz and Blues in a band, directing two different productions and competing in and winning the Kenyan  National Salsa Championships! After winning the Title, my partner and I then went on to represent Kenya in the IDO World Salsa Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a fantastic year, and throughout it all I taught adults and school students to dance and to practice yoga.

yoga warrior 1I arrived back in Texas in September, 2009.  The last 13 years have seen me building a marriage, a family, and honing my teaching skills in Yoga and Ballroom and Latin Private Lessons, and Wedding Choreography as well as Group Classes.

All of this is the Who and the What, now we get to the most important part… the Why. Why do I do teach, why would you want to be a part of it?

I do this because teaching is my true vocation. Earning money is always good, but I have taught many a class for free, just to share my love of what I have learned.  I love to introduce the calm of yoga, the emotions of dance. The glory of your first dance, your first successful arm balance, the peace and accomplishment of stretching and tiring and communicating with your body, and the impish delight and flirtations of the Latin dance variations. These disciplines allow me to to touch people’s lives.

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