Weddings and Quinceañeras

The First thing you will work together

towards achieving as a newly married couple is

Your First Dance…

Make it something to Remember

Whether you’re looking for something

Classic, Flashy, Stunning or Comical

Nicole will choreograph and teach steps that weave their way

into the memories you will treasure forever

Pkg 1: $260

  • 2 private lessons with instruction on how to dance to your chosen song, including a brief entrance and finish, with basic steps in between.*** I offer this package to help out people who have left their dance till the last minute.  I personally feel this is not enough time for you to be comfortable with your routine, this is an emergency option!***

Pkg 2: $480

  • 4 Private Lessons with Basic Choreography to a chosen song (help with picking a song if needed). This will give you a comfortable and smooth first dance.

Pkg 3: $800

  • 7 Private Lessons with Choreography to your chosen song (help with picking a song if needed). This package will familiarize you with the basics and more of your chosen dance style. You can expect to feel comfortable with a special, ‘wow’ first dance.  More elaborate choreography will require more dance lessons, but after this package, they can be purchased from the regular package bundle.


For this special, coming of age tradition, I offer classic, poignant Father/Daughter Routines as well as the more fun and feisty Group numbers for the Birthday Girl/girls and her friends!  Make this day something truly special, an occasion to last a lifetime!

Pricing for Father/Daughter Routines is as above. Please Contact Me for a custom built Group choreography!

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